March 2, 2014: NBC 7 San DiegoDon’t Miss Ana Tijoux’s ‘Vengo’ Party

October 18, 2013: NBC 7 San DiegoTop 3 Reasons to Love Subsuelo

October 14, 2013: San Diego ReaderSubsuelo: one night of Latin hips and world groove rhythms

May 9, 2013: San Diego ReaderDoo Doo Roo: Spring Braek with Velanche, Will Guise, and TonyP

December 19, 2012: San Diego ReaderSweet Cheeks at El Dorado

August 22, 2012: San Diego ReaderDoo Doo Roo and The Best Coitus Jam of All Time

July 25, 2012: SF Station’80s Boogie and ’90s Funk with the Sweet Cheeks Crew

April 27, 2012: SF StationMawkus “Future Wife” Mix

March 28, 2012: San Diego ReaderDoo Doo Roo: Intoxicating Beats Featuring LA’s Neckbreakers

July 21, 2011: SF StationQ&A: Sweet Cheeks DJs

July 2, 2011: San Diego ReaderSweet Cheeks’ Baby: Hybridized Future Sexual Chocolate

June 1, 2011: San Diego ReaderSweet Cheeks Wants to Have Your Baby

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