Jams I’m Feeling 2.0

Some music I’ve been a fan of recently!

Sleepyhead – Summer Lovin’

Donnell Jones vocals over something so simple and refreshing. I’m starting to notice a trend of lots of trill drum-fills and louder warm bass fusing into sexual tonal music. #futurewife

DJ Sliink – Vibrate

This is so ill. The level of genuine “omg” moments I had when I first heard this on a mix not too long ago was overwhelming. Serial ringtone music right here. Jersey club music is so great.

Lil Ugly Mane ft. Supa (Sortahuman) – Radiation (Lung Pollution)

I want to believe that people are starting to realize chem trails get you high in addition to slowly destroying your body. Atmospheric contact high chem trail music! Bonus points for his amazing rap name.


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