Favorite Mixes & Mixtapes of 2011

Mike Huckaby’s XLR8R Podcast Mix
House music is a feeling and this mix is like another form of therapy. There’s so much win in this mix. It speaks for itself.

Mike Huckaby – Fantasy (this track is deeeeeep)

Uproot Andy’s XLR8R Podcast Mix
This dude makes such ill hybriddimz. Words cannot express how much I love this tape. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who still gets in obsessive rewind ruts when it comes his remix of Los Rakas’ Abrazame because that remix makes the world a better place. The opening track is so grand!

Los Rakas – Abrazame (Uproot Andy remix)

Kutmah’s New Error Vol. 1 & 2
London is so spoiled to have this notorious music eccentric. A DJ’s DJ, this dude never ceases to play music that you’ve never heard before let alone get released within a year’s time. I remember listening to his Sacred Geometry for months because it was just that good. These New Error tapes are a testament to his form.

Vol. 1 Snippets
Vol. 2 Snippets

Soul Boulders Part 2, mixed by DJs B.Cause & Matthew Africa
Sweet, syrupy, slowed down, deep and cosmically gooey soul. God, this tape is so golden. Seriously, if one could literally eat music, this tape would be considered soul food. These dudes are the truth.



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