Mix Rewind – “Yo Girl, Wait a Minute, Is That a Spliff?”

I decided to revisit a personal mix series I started back in December ’09 entitled “Yo Girl, Wait a Minute, Is that a Spliff?” inspired by all things sexually herbal, bass-laden and intricately melodic. Comprised of three different volumes, each created during mawkward periods in my life, they’re finally all here rolled into one. Enjoy!

Download Link!


Volume 1
Von D feat. Phephe — Show Me
Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (Reso Remix)
Flying Lotus – Roberta Flack (Martyn’s Heartbeat Remix)
Martyn – Vancouver
DZ – Hella
King Midas Sound – Meltdown
Lone – Midnight Feast (Bibio Remix)
Untold – Discipline
Zomby – Aquafresh
2000F & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is (Mawkus Loves Cuepoints! Edit)

Volume 2
Shlomo – Spoons
Addled – Heartbreachno
John Cameron – Liquid Sunshine
Flying Lotus – Data Entry
Dimlite – Outernational Duet
Floating Points – Radiality
Mr. Beatnick – I Know All The Bitches (Simbad Slow Mix)
Dizz1 – Konotakosuke Yaro
Jose James – Blackmagic
Black Chow – Purple Smoke
Landau Orchestra – Wheel of Fortune
Débruit – Pure Check
Ras G – Overcast 78 Beat (Two)

Volume 3
Isabelle Aubret – Casa Forte
Sepalcure – Love Pressure (original mix)
Clue Kid – ’09 Lick
Joe – Claptrap
Addison Groove – Dumb Shit
S-X – Woooo (Instrumental)
SWV – Release Some Tension
James Blake – Air & The Lack Thereof
Pangaea – Router
Daedelus – Order of the Golden Dawn


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